I think I was smiling from ear to ear for the entire duration of this shoot. I just love how relaxed Ricardo and Carli are, and seeing how happy they make each other! And what absolute naturals in front of the camera they are!!

We started our session with some milkshakes at a lovely coffee shop in Stellenbosch called “Schoon de Companje”. I absolutely love the character of that place and it made a perfect setting for our shoot!

We then went for a drive around Stellenbosch and spontaneously jumped out at a few beautiful locations along the way.

I just loved every minute with these two gorgeous people and am so excited to shoot their wedding in December!

Ricardo & Carli01 Ricardo & Carli02 Ricardo & Carli03 Ricardo & Carli04 Ricardo & Carli05 Ricardo & Carli06 Ricardo & Carli07 Ricardo & Carli08 Ricardo & Carli09 Ricardo & Carli11 Ricardo & Carli12 Ricardo & Carli13 Ricardo & Carli14 Ricardo & Carli15 Ricardo & Carli16Ricardo & Carli172016-06-06_0001Ricardo & Carli19 Ricardo & Carli21 Ricardo & Carli22 Ricardo & Carli23 Ricardo & Carli24 Ricardo & Carli25 Ricardo & Carli26 Ricardo & Carli27 Ricardo & Carli28 Ricardo & Carli29 Ricardo & Carli30 Ricardo & Carli31 Ricardo & Carli32 Ricardo & Carli33 Ricardo & Carli34 Ricardo & Carli35 Ricardo & Carli36